Hollywood PAL Flag Football Program Information

2019 9 on 9 Flag Football Schedule


Registration fee due at the time of Sign up:

  • Registration Fee is $20.00 (January 1 – March 30)


  • Football Cleats
  • Mouth Piece (sold at Hollywood PAL $1.00)

Advantages to playing Flag Football

To help develop “skill position players” Quarterbacks learn how to make independent decisions and call plays. In our league, the quarterback does not have the option to run. This places more emphasis on recognizing, reading defenses and passing the football.
The throwing windows are smaller, which will aid in developing accuracy. A defensive blitz on any potential play helps the quarterback develop footwork, mobility, and quick thinking under pressure.
Wide Receivers/Running Backs learn proper stance, hand placement, route terminology, running routes, reading defenses, and how to catch in traffic.
Our defensive players learn Linebacker, Defensive back, Safety, and Pass Rushing skills. Players on defense develop footwork, backpedaling, reading the quarterback, breaking on the ball, and catching interceptions. Players also learn man to man and zone coverage techniques.
We believe kids should play flag football. We like tackle football but feel kids must make sure they are physically ready to play.
With only 9 players on the field players enjoy increased participation with playing time and touches on the football. Our 30 second play clock creates an up tempo game with
About Registration

Computers are available during registration at the Hollywood Police Athletic League