About Hollywood PAL

What is the Police Athletic League?
The Police Athletic League is a youth activities program run by Police Officers of the Hollywood Police Department and a volunteer Board of Directors for the purpose of…

  • Preventing juvenile crime and drug use.
  • To provide positive role models for our youth.
  • To develop discipline, self esteem and positive moral values through wholesome competition.
  • To create better relations through Communication between Law Enforcement Officers and the youth of our community.

How can a Youth Join the Police Athletic League?
Any child, male or female, between the ages of 6 years and 18 years of age can participate at the Police Athletic League. All that is required is a willingness to participate.

Why Do Kids Need the Police Athletic League?
Some youth in our community grow up with no positive contact with Police Officers. The lack of positive communication breeds distrust and fear. Negative influences in some parts of the community are having more impact on our youth than the positive influences. PAL provides positive role models for our youth and a drug-free, safe place and atmosphere for youths to play and learn. PAL can turn a loser with no self-esteem into a winner with pride.

The Police Athletic League Involves the Community:
The Police Athletic League is a cooperative effort of the Hollywood Police Department, community volunteers, business leaders, and citizens. PAL is funded by public contributions that go directly to the youth at PAL. Money raised at PAL goes to funding first-rate programs and maintains equipment used by PAL members. Donations enable community youth to participate in supervised Police activities.

How can you Help the PAL?  
PAL is looking for adult volunteers to coach, tutor, and assist our PAL staff. You may also support PAL financially by making a contribution.

New Van Donated to PAL by Nice Car of Hollywood